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“4CastPro excels in multi-level budgeting and consolidation. The six-digit cost centre coding enables users to create a sophisticated hierarchy of cost centres, from the group consolidated budget at the top down to individual departmental budgets.“ ICAEW Review

4Cast Pro Corporate Version

A New Generation of business Forecasting, Consolidation and Reporting software


  • 4CastPro is essentially a corporate forecasting, budgeting and reporting system.
  • 4CastPro is designed for the Accountant in business needing consolidation, budgeting, monthly re-forecasting and a monthly management accounts pack
  • If you are raising finance it produces the financials for a 5 Year Plan.
  • 4Cast is for the business that has recognised the limitations of the spreadsheet for business planning and reporting.

Main Features

  • Easy Spreadsheet Tabbed Interface
  • Company Selector on login allows you to create and load new company databases
  • Actuals Mode—Easily Import Actuals from your Accounting System(s)
  • Drill down from summary to account detail
  • Spread/Fill feature for easy population of your data eg by profile, equal spread, fill by month
  • A Flex facility allows for easy what-if analysis
  • Full Administration Menu to manage COA, Users, Periods, Time Series data (eg Current Year,Last Year,Budget etc)
  • Full Graphs & Reporting
  • Easy Custom reporting and forecasting using excel templates and an excel add-in
  • Adjustment Facility – Allows you to make group level adjustments to imported data
  • Department or Site Forecasting for multi-site businesses via an Account Group set-up under COA
  • Complex Consolidation of multiple companies using consolidation nodes with all companies set-up in a single database
  • Ability to set-up an adjustment company for company consolidation adjustments.

Full Product Additional Features

  • Complex Consolidation of Companies or Cost Centres/Departments
  • Multi User with ability to limit a user’s access
  • Process Management Capability
  • Full Versioning allows you to store different versions of your NL, Sales, and Staff  data.
  • Networkable
  • Ability to run on SQL Server as a backend
  • Separate Sales Forecasting Module
  • Separate Employment Forecasting Module
  • Full Custom Forecasting and Writeback Reports via Excel Add-in
  • Multi Currency – Bring in data from foreign subsidiaries & convert at relevant fx rate

Additional Modules

  • Sales Forecasting
  • Employment Forecasting
  • FX module allowing you to bring in data from an overseas company translating a monthly P&L and Balance Sheet rates
  • Dimensions Link

The Pro version is designed for quick and easy collaborative business forecasting/budgeting via your office network by giving a Manager access to only his Department or CC or by using distributable custom spreadsheets that can writeback to the database.

Enjoy the backup of FD level consultancy and support to get you up and running quickly and a developer resource allowing you to tailor the product to your exact requirements.

Call now for a free consultation meeting to allow us to diagnose your needs and to propose a solution.

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Read the ICAEW Review

“4CastPro excels in multi-level budgeting and consolidation. The six-digit cost centre coding enables users to create a sophisticated hierarchy of cost centres, from the group consolidated budget at the top down to individual departmental budgets.“
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Latest News: v of the product is now available for download and trial

Latest release has ability to setup financed fixed assets and a breakdown of fixed assets and other usability improvements. v7 introduced a Dashboard,improved P&L Layout manager and many other upgradesRead More

YouTube videos available (Click on Downloads) to give you an Overview of the Product and Import routines

19/1/18 We are pleased to announce the release of our Web based product 4CastPro-Cloud with all the power of the desktop version but with the benefits of a SAS solution. You can login as a guest here on the site or request a trial using your own data


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