4Cast Pro Light

A New Generation of business Forecasting, Consolidation and Reporting software

The Light Version is a single user forecasting and reporting model designed for the Accountant or Small Company user.


  • 4CastPro is a great alternative to the now discontinued Sage Winforecast

  • 4CastPro is designed for the Accountant in business or practice needing consolidation, budgeting, monthly re-forecasting and a monthly management accounts pack.

  • 4Cast is for the business that has recognised the limitations of the spreadsheet for business planning and reporting.

Main Features

  • Easy Spreadsheet Tabbed Interface

  • Company Selector on login allows you to create and load new company databases

  • Easily Import Actuals from your Accounting System(s) via Sage odbc link or from an xls TB

  • Drill down from summary to account detail

  • Spread/Fill feature for easy population of your data eg by profile, equal spread, fill by month

  • A Flex facility allows for easy what-if analysis

  • Full Administration Menu to manage COA, Periods, Time Series data (eg Current Year,Last Year,Budget etc)

  • Full Graphs & Reporting

  • Adjustment Facility – Allows you to make group level adjustments to imported data

  • Department or Site Forecasting for multi-site businesses via an Account Group set-up under COA

  • Simple Consolidation of multiple companies with ability to set-up an adjustment company for company consolidation.

  • All companies are set-up in a single database


  • P&L Accounts in both Management Account & Statutory Account Format

  • 5Year Plan Financial Reports including 1st draft of Plan narrative

  • Cashflow & Fundsflow

  • Consecutive Reporting will print your complete Management Account Pack with Performance v Budget in Period, Year to date, Full Year format

  • Custom Reports via Excel Add-in

Forecasting Features

  • Custom Excel Forecasting (with writeback) that can cover detailed Sales,Margin and Emploment forecasting

  • Overhead Forecasting

  • Account METHODS eg % of Account,Recurring,Provision,Accrual,Loan etc

  • 5 Year Plan Tool

  • Balance sheet assumptions for automatic  Balance Sheet and Cashflow forecasting


All data is saved securely into a backend database. The  MS Access (ACE) database has been chosen for portability and is capable of storing the performance of the group/company over time in a standard group chart of account format. Since this is not a transaction based system a more scaleable solution is not required

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