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We are looking for 3 Xero users to test the new Xero Import routine and would like to offer a lifetime 50% reduction in monthly subscription costs. Please contact us if you wish to take up this offer

We are pleased to announce release of Version 8

New features include:

· New Reports: -

o Key Assumptions report - Shows all Key Assumptions for P&L and Balance Sheet ie accounts not set as ENTER, Accounts set as ‘Days by month’ and any Accounts with Notes/Comments (Good Report for when being audited particularly when Notes added)

o Accounts set as %ACCT-Shows all Accounts set as a % of another Account with Notes/Comments

o Fixed Assets - Shows a report of Cost Additions and Disposals with Notes/Comments

o Loans - Shows Movements by month on all Loan Accounts with Notes/Comments

· Custom Pack - Allows you to design and run your own Custom Packs including any of the canned reports within 4CastPro each on a separate tab and including an Index page/tab.

· Detailed Fixed Asset Register Forecast - Ability to setup forecast fixed asset register in detail when the ‘Enter Depreciation’ Setup option is selected

· Enter TB facility

· Simplification of Methods

o QTYPRICE - To setup accounts where you wish to input quantity multiplied by price to calculate balance. Optionally you can set quantity to be a statistical account. This replaces the old PRODUCT Method

o %ACCT - Used to set an account up as a % of an account or account group (%SALES, %EMP, %ACCOUNT are now options at Account Level for %ACCT EMPLOY, STOCK, STOCK2, PREPAY, ACCRUE and PROVISION methods

· 10 Year Plan - The desktop version can now be extended to produce a 10 year forward Plan/Forecast

· Sales/Cost of Sales (COS) Product Accounts are setup for use in the Sales Forecast Feature – These are now setup by merely setting a related COS account for a Sales account at Account Level so program knows where to save the related costs.

Cloud version

· Now has same Chart of Accounts interface and tree view as that in desktop version

4CastPro Cloud now uses the latest oAuth2 method to securely synchronise and import TB data from Xero making it a perfect partner for your budgeting, forecasting consolidation and reporting needs