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4CastPro is designed
for accountants
by an accountant

We have your financial needs at heart. We've included all the tools you need to
consolidate, report, forecast, and succeed, in one platform. Made for businesses who have recognised the limitations of spreadsheets for business planning and reporting.


Other Features

  • Easy Spreadsheet Tabbed Interface

  • Company Selector on login allows you to create and load new company databases

  • Actuals Mode—Easily Import Actuals from your Accounting System(s)

  • Drill down from summary to account detail

  • Spread/Fill feature for easy population of your data eg by profile, equal spread, fill by month

  • A Flex facility allows for easy what-if analysis

  • Full Administration Menu to manage COA, Users, Periods, Time Series data (eg Current Year,Last Year,Budget etc)

  • Full Graphs & Reporting

  • Easy Custom reporting and forecasting using excel templates and an excel add-in

  • Adjustment Facility – Allows you to make group level adjustments to imported data

  • Department or Site Forecasting for multi-site businesses via an Account Group set-up under COA

  • Complex Consolidation of multiple companies using consolidation nodes with all companies set-up in a single database

  • Ability to set-up an adjustment company for company consolidation adjustments.

4CastPro Corporate

​In addition to the Cloud/Desktop feature and other features, 4CastPro Corporate has the following additional features:

  • Complex Consolidation of Companies or Cost Centres/Departments

  • Multi User with ability to limit a user’s access

  • Process Management Capability

  • Full Versioning allows you to store different versions of your NL, Sales, and Staff  data.

  • Networkable

  • Separate Sales Forecasting Module

  • Separate Employment Forecasting Module

  • Full Custom Forecasting and Writeback Reports via Excel Add-in

  • Multi Currency – Bring in data from foreign subsidiaries & convert at relevant fx rate

4CastPro LITE

At a glance

4CastPro is designed for the Accountant in business or practice needing consolidation, budgeting, monthly re-forecasting, and a monthly management accounts pack.

4CastPro combines the excellence of Sage Winforecast (discontinued), SAP Business Planning BPC, and IBM Cognos, with prices to compete with the biggest names in accounting.

See how we compare.

4CastPro Cloud & Desktop

All versions of 4CastPro come with the following key features as standard:

  • Easy Consolidated Management Accounts, Plans and Forecasts

  • Integrated P&L Account, balance sheet, fundsflow and cashflow

  • Advanced Excel Custom Forecasting and Reporting (Excel Add in on Desktop versions)

  • Easy Import of Actuals from MS Excel Trial Balance

  • Direct Import from Sage Business Cloud Accounts, Xero and Quickbooks (in Cloud version); Sage 50 and Access Dimensions (in Desktop version). Bring in your TB data from multiple systems across a group.

  • Ability to forecast your accruals, loans, capital expenditure and depreciation

  • Ability to forecast your staff costs by employee and sales prospects by key customer, key product group

  • Built in Management Account and Plan Packs. Build Custom Packs and Layouts

  • 5 Year Financials Planning Tool


Choose from New Cloud or desktop versions or use both with same databases.

4CastPro LITE is a more simple single user, single company version of 4CastPro :

  • No Consolidation of Companies

  • Single User

  • No Process Management Capability

  • No Versioning

  • Spreadsheet templates for Sales and Employment Forecasting via Excel Add-in

  • Departmental P&L

Ready to take the first step?

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